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Earthquakes and the Cascadia Subduction Zone Presentation

Oregon AMS members, colleagues, et al:

What a great meeting the other night, huh? Great stuff! We can not thank Dr. Goldfinger enough for his talk on earthquakes. We had more than 130 people in the audience and the Q&A session could have gone on for hours, but we had to stop at 9pm. Dr. Goldfinger said he had a great time speaking to our chapter. If you would like to download a copy of his presentation click here:

Earthquakes and the Cascadia Subduction Zone presentation (PowerPoint Download)


Winter Weather Recap Meeting Date Set — Our next meeting will be in March. The “winter weather recap” meeting will be hosted by KPTV’s Mark Nelsen will be held Wednesday, March 16th beginning at 7pm (6pm if you want to enjoy the social hour) at the Golden Valley Brewery in Beaverton. This is right off of Hwy 26 and will be our “westside” meeting of the season. This is an all ages meeting in their banquet room. More details to come!

Dr. Cliff Mass — I am currently in talks with Dr. Cliff Mass (Univ. of WA.) for a return visit to the Oregon AMS this spring. He has not been here in almost 4 years (May 2012). He is interested in coming to talk to us about one of his most favorite subjects, Oregon’s radar coverage… or lack thereof. That would be a great meeting. I am sure he would give us the latest update on WRF and NAM modeling at the U of W.

Storm Tracker Jim Cantore — We are reaching out to Jim Cantore (The Weather Channel) and see if we can hook him as well. If any of you think you are “in good” with Jim, please let me know.

That is the latest for now!



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